Cold Fusion Games - a short review of games and video games about cold fusion energy

Cold Fusion is the future of energy in our world. It stands to eventually save the planet. So it stands to reason science fans would develop online games to go along with this promising new technology.
If you’re a fan of Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi’s Energy Catalyzer, you’ll love the Cold Fusion game at This Flash game involves fusing plasma pieces on a game board by left-clicking. Fuse as many plasma pieces at a time as possible to get more points.’s Cold Fusion game also involves fusing plasma pieces together. Agame’s version involves looking for pieces of the same color and wiping them out, with the option of playing other players. has an energy game called Energy Flows. This game challenges children to make the energy flow. Players are told to put elements in order to make energy flow. One example is a battery, wires, and a light bulb. Do you know how you’d arrange those three elements to create energy?
Also on is a game that allows players to make energy useful. Players are given different ways to convert energy into a method that will put it to use. In another game on the site, Energy Ninjas, you’ll use arrows to help the Ninjas move the CO2 gauge to acceptable levels. has a first-person shooter game called Cold Fusion that will be coming soon. The game features criminals attacking a research facility. Your job is to save Cold Fusion…and the planet from these evildoing men. has numerous quizzes to test your knowledge of solar power. These quizzes are especially designed for kids, but what better way to learn more about energy sources? Test what you know today.

A great way to learn just how many resources are required to power a city is by playing Chevron’s game Energyville. Available at, Energyville provides an entire city and puts the player in charge of meeting its electricity demands. The population of this city is 5.9 million, so it won’t be easy. Not only do you have to make sure every house and building is powered and enough fuel is available for transportation, but you must keep the environment for that city healthy and clean. The city is set in the year 2015, and the game estimates what life will be like in that year by taking current trends and projecting the demands and big-city population of the future. Better yet, YOU name the city so if you become good enough at the game, you may see your city as the “Top City” on Energyville.

When a
player first enters Energyville, he learns his city is currently without power. Players choose from energy sources to power the city. Renewable energy sources are available, as well as traditional sources and other new developments in energy output. Currently Cold Fusion is not listed as one of the choices…but there is definitely room for more on the panel. Once a user chooses an energy source and drops it on the city, the city begins coming to life. Petroleum puts cars on the road in your city, while a Nuclear plant puts lights on the building. But while your city is coming to life, you’ll see the repercussions in a panel on the right, with the total economic, environmental, and security impact going up with each new item you add. Keep adding power sources until your city is 100 percent powered.

Once you are finished building your city, a slideshow tells you how your city will fare based on the choices you’ve made. It’s a great way to learn about the impact of Nuclear power and other traditional radiation-outputting facilities on a city’s growth and environmental future.
Online science games are a great way to have fun and learn more about the environment and how we, as a society, can help make this world a better place. What better way to illustrate to your children the impact of Andrea Rossi’s and Sergio Focardi’s work than to show them how the current method isn’t the best for their future?

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